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Subject: Some insight

Subject: Some insight!?!

Hi, I got this from a staunch Republican.

> Hello, this is Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont. 
> Two years ago this month I made my decision to leave the Republican
> Party and become an Independent.   One reason I made that change was
> that I felt the Republican Party that I knew, and grew up with, had
> changed its priorities dramatically.  Those changed priorities were best
> exemplified by President Bush's insistence on a budget that
> short-changed so many of our national needs: education and special
> education; health care and prescription drugs for our elderly,
> environmental protection; and, importantly, deficit reduction.
> It is now two years later, and it seems that we're having the same
> debate again.  The President is again proposing a budget that does not
> adequately fund America's needs and includes new tax breaks that are
> likely to force disastrous cuts in urgent national programs, and create
> horrendous future deficits.  And again, those who are expressing their
> reservations are being vilified for taking stands of conscience.  This
> happened in 2001 when I made my decision to leave the Republican party,
> and it is sad for me to watch it happen again.  When did standing on
> principle, speaking your conscience and representing your constituents
> become unacceptable in certain Republican circles?
> When he was pushing for the first tax cut, President Bush said that we
> could do it all, we could afford a tax cut, make investments in our
> national priorities, and still have money left over to pay down the
> debt.  Time has proven those words wrong, and we have massive job losses
> and a soaring deficit to show for it.  After the President's proposal
> was reduced, I supported the 2001 tax cut.   That was a mistake, one I
> will not make again. 
> Now, those needs I spoke of two years ago have become even more
> pressing, and we face the new challenges of protecting America and
> fighting a war against terror.  President Bush has said that his plan is
> a, "jobs growth package."  But the only thing guaranteed to grow is the
> federal budget deficit, something Republicans used to care about, and I
> still do.  We will be paying for these tax cuts with borrowed funds,
> money borrowed from our children and grandchildren who will be forced to
> foot the bill.  And these deficits will explode just as the baby boom
> generation begins to retire, further endangering the health of Social
> Security and Medicare, both of which are so critically important to our
> seniors.
> Perhaps more importantly, the President's plan doesn't benefit the
> people who need it most.  In my home state of Vermont, 2,200 people have
> lost their jobs.  Many who are lucky enough to have jobs are just barely
> scraping by.  What will this plan do for them?  Well, two-thirds of
> Vermont taxpayers will get a tax cut of less than $100.  Yet, someone
> who makes a million dollars a year will get a tax cut of $90,000.
> This fervor for tax breaks at the expense of all else demonstrates that
> there are some who see tax cuts not as a policy, but as a theology.
> Their belief that tax cuts will solve any problem is uncompromising,
> unyielding, and, sadly, undeterred by past experience.  Our goal should
> not be a tax cut for the sake of a tax cut, especially one that gives
> most of its benefits to a very few people.  Our goal should be a policy
> that puts Americans back to work, gets our economy growing and keeps us
> on the right track for future generations. 
> What should we do to boost our ailing economy and help those Americans
> most in need?  We should start by extending unemployment insurance
> benefits, currently scheduled to expire at the end of May.  More than
> 100,000 additional jobs were lost in March, and the overall number of
> jobs fell to a 40-month low.  We should help the states, which are
> facing the worst budget crisis in 50 years.   To close budget deficits,
> some states are cutting back school days, eliminating effective early
> education programs and eliminating health insurance coverage for our
> neediest families.  We should support programs that encourage job
> creation, like boosting federal spending to improve our nation's highway
> system, money we are going to have to spend someday anyway.  According
> to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 47,000 jobs are created for
> every billion dollars spent on our highways and bridges. 
> That is the approach I support.  Millions of Americans need help.  Yet,
> the President insists on a tax cut that hurts those who need help most,
> and helps those who need it least.  In Vermont we take care of our own,
> and as a nation we should do the same.
> This is Jim Jeffords, Independent Senator of Vermont, thanks for
> listening


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