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Sender: Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 18:46:15 -0800 (PST) From: "uw-bill Administrator" To: Subject: [UWSA] SHUTTING DOWN THE VOICE OF REASON.... (fwd) Sender: Reply-To: FYI ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 17:11:58 -0500 From: Mary Clare Wohlford To: Subject: SHUTTING DOWN THE VOICE OF REASON.... Mel YOung CA sent this for distribution Keep the faith, MC >Return-Path: >Comments: Authenticated sender is >From: "Mel Young" >To: >Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 12:41:06 +0000 >Subject: SHUTTING DOWN THE VOICE OF REASON.... >Reply-to: >CC: >Return-receipt-to: >Priority: normal > >GENERAL DISTRIBUTION > >Just got a real sad message. It seems that the CHINA influence has >prevailed. John Coleman, who waged a valiant battle on his talk radio >show at KOGO in San Diego has suddenly been replaced by Rush Limbaugh >and other fillers to shut up the reform movement in the media. > >I have to wonder how much dirty, under-the-counter politics played in >the silencing of John and his many guests and call-in listeners. > >I called KOGO radio and found out they are owned by an outfit called >"JACOR BROADCASTING" in Ohio. Apparently, Jacor owns three radio >stations in San Diego, ten or more nationwide. > >I urge you to call or fax KOGO radio to protest the removal of John >Coleman. > >The manager of KOGO is Mike Glikenhous and the phone number is >(619) 565-6006. FAX number is (619) 279-9553. > >Anyone who knows Pat Choate out there...we have a really good radio >talk show host who should be part of Pat's United Broadcasting >Network. > >WE NEED MORE PEOPLE ON RADIO, TELEVISION AND IN THE >PRESS, NOT LESS. Come on people, let's fight for our right to have >our voices heard. > >Mel Young >Perris, CA

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>Sender: Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 16:40:42 -0800 (PST) From: "uw-bill Administrator" To: Subject: [UWSA] Fourth Draft: Treason at Long Beach (fwd) Sender: Reply-To: FYI >From: (Gene Crocker) >Subject: Fourth Draft: Treason at Long Beach > >A lot of new stuff. A pattern is emerging. That has been a lot of thought > by some very smart people, and a lot of money and organization behind >all of this and it has taken years to get here. > >Gene >Gene Crocker, Ph.D. > >March 18, 1997 > >Draft 4 > >Rebuilding America: Treason at Long Beach > >Treason is occurring at Long Beach California. This is treason not in the legal sense , where it takes two >witnesses during a war, but in the old fashion sense "of doing real harm to our country." It runs from the >White House thru the US Department of Commerce, thru the United States Navy and the US Housing >Authority to the City Government of Long Beach California. This act of treason is the result of our >present system of campaign financing. What ever the public reasons that these government bodies give >for leasing the former Long Beach Navel Base to the Chinese Communist Government, the net effect will >be to create a malignant cancer that will pour deadly poisons into our country. The facts are all on the >internet. Long Beach is just the tip of the iceberg. Chinese Communist influence and accomplishments >are spread throughout our country. This is Treason! > >Fact 1. US Trade Policy Reversals during the last five years and other Chinese Communist >accomplishments. > >1. An end to the 30 year trade embargo with Viet Nam. >2. De-emphasis of the MIA/POW problem with Viet Nam by the President.. >3. Normalization of relations with Viet Nam by the US Government. >4. Rescinding of the Tinanamen Square Trade Sanctions against China. >5. Most Favored Nation Trade Status for China by the US Congress. >6. "advance knowledge of America's negotiating positions in trade and economic talks as well as access >to trade deals subsidized by America.". >7. Over $40 Billion dollars in Trade Surplus in one year with the United States with some help from our >Government and a small slice of Big Business. >8. Control of Long Beach Naval Base,. a major port on the west coast . If the Chinese Communists >choose, they can conduct intelligence operations, import weapons and drugs to the United States to further >social unrest, and/or import biological or nuclear weapons to the US by sea.. >9. Use of the new Southern California International Airport (SCIA), the former George AFB, another >closed base, near Victorville California. SCIA has declared a US Foreign Trade Zone. If the Chinese >Communists choose, they can now conduct intelligence operations, import weapons and drugs to the >United States to further social unrest, and/or import biological or nuclear weapons to the US by air. And >while doing so can conduct trade with with little or no tarriffs and custom inspections. >10. Da Zhong Hua, a 1 million sq ft complex in Adalento, California near Victorville, is being built for >$60 million by the Chinese Communists for retail/wholesale trade/?. It will employ and house 1000 plus >Chinese Communist Nationals and their families. It is being built just a few miles from the new Southern >California International Airport. It will be used as a distribution center for Chinese Communist goods all >over the US and North and South America. The Daily Press, Jan, March Victorville. >11.Use of the new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Benton County, Arkansas, with an additional >business complex being built to the tune of $106 millions. This is a Tyson Foods/Walmart/Lippo Deal. >$21 million is supplied by the taxpayer via the US FAA grants. Arkansas Business Online, March 18, >1997. The American Spectator Online, March 1997. Arkansas Business Online, March 18, 1997. >12. The Port of Charleston has been designated the Atlantic Port for COSCO. The Port of Charleston is >undergoing a multimillion construction program to accomodate huge cargo carriers and has a designated >US Foreign Trade Zone. >13. On March 13, 1997, Mickey Kantor, newly appointed US Trade Representative, announced that >the US will sponsor China as a founding member of the World Trade Organization. > >Fact 2. Long Beach Naval Base is a major deep water port on the west coast where the worlds largest >ships and aircraft carriers can be docked. It can hold most of our Pacific Fleet. The US Taxpayer recently >spent a reported $5 million to modernize it. Expecting to ride out the base closures in 1994, it came as >a surprise to all but a few, that Long Beach Naval Base was closed.The base is located a few minutes >from the giant Macdonnel Douglas Research/Production Complex where major stealth fighter research >and production occurrs, The base is located within minutes to a few hours Edwards Air Force Base, (top >secret Air Force and NASA testing), China Lake Navel Weapons Test Center (top secret Navy Weapons >Test Center), Point Magu Naval Weapons Center, Vandenberg Air Force Base (top secret missile and >rocket research), Fort Irwin (the most advanced Tank Training Facility in the world), Nellis AFB (home >of the most advanced tactical fighters in the world), Top Secret Area 51 (home of our stealth ???), Camp >Pendleton (one of the two Marine Corps training facilities), the Navy Seal Base ( top secret and covert >activity training), Miramar Naval Air Station (Top Gun), and El Toro Marine Air Station (vertical assult >helicopter training operations) which is moving after closure south of Long Beach. > >Fact 3. The Leasing of Long Beach Naval Base. The Chinese Communist Government are leasing >134 acres of the Long Beach Naval Base and the adjacent 11 acre Terminal Island where a federal prison >complex is located, from the City of Long Beach. It plans to level most of the existing structures and build >what is necessary to expedite whatever it plans to import into the United States. The City of Long Beach >is spending a reported $200 million dollars to improve railroad and freeway infrastructure and level most >of the base as part of the deal. CNNfn May 17, 1996. The leasing body is COSCO, or the China Ocean >Shipping Company who will pay a reported $14.5 million for 10 years. ($200m-$145m = $55million >the taxpayer pays). COSCO will employ an estimated 300 plus people. There was no estimate given of >the Chinese Communist Nationals it will employ. COSCO is an international conglomerate owned and >controlled by the Chinese Communist Government. It has recently sold $160 million of commerical paper >to American Banks and Investment Houses to finance this dealand other deals. One of COSCOs senior >overseas honorary advisors is General Alexander Haig, Jr. former US Secretary of State. In Shipping >News, COSCO has stated that it plans to start a barge ferry service to Mexico. > >The leasing of Long Beach Naval base to the Chinese Communists was quietly presented to the public as >a done deal without going through the normal process of leasing public property. It was never given out >for public bid. And Our top security agencies were not consulted about Long Beach Naval Base >being leased by the Chinese Communists! Even the local Coast Guard station had not been informed. > >COSCO Los Angeles Address >China Ocean Shipping Company: Manager: Mr. Li Chaun Min >606 Olive Street, Suite 1100 >Los Angeles, CA 90014 >213-689-6700 v ~ 213-627-2804 f > >COSCO Domestic Senior Honorary Advisors >Mr. Bo Yibo,Former Executive Deputy Director of the Central Advisory Commission of the Communist >Party of China, Mn. Chen Muhua, Vice Chairman, Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress >Mr. Ye Fei, Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress >as well as Mr. Gu Mu, Mr. Ji Pengfei, Mr. Yuan Baohua, Mr. Zheng Hongye, and Mr. Li Yining. > >COSCO Overseas Senior Honorary Advisors >General Alexander Haig, Jr., Former United States Secretary of State, John F. McGillicuddy, >Former CEO of the Chemical Bank of the United States, as well as Sir Edward Heath, Sakurauchi >Yoshio, and C.C. Lee > >Fact 4: The LA Times 3/11/97 reports that COSCO has received a $138 million dollar loan guarantee >from the US Government to build 4 Chinese ships in Alabama. > >Fact 5: According to the Press Release of Associated Press on March 8, 1997, COSCO ships have been >involved in the following recent incidents in the United States: >Oakland California: Summer 1996, Smuggling of 2000 AK47s on a COSCO ship. These may be the >same weapons destined for Miami Street Gangs. >New Orleans: Dec 96, COSCO ship injures 116 people. Alleged mechanical failure. >COSCO fined (1992), $400,000 for paying kickbacks. >US Coast Guard, 1996, 6 COSCO ships detained for violating International Safety Regulations. >Summer 1996, China promised to punish COSCO for carrying 640 tons of waste from the US to China >where it was dumped. > >Fact 6: Pentagon Spokesman's Briefing, 3/11/97. "The China Ocean Shipping Company has been in >Long Beach for about 15 years.,,,,she (the Mayor) would consider this a huge benefit for the City of Long >Beach to have a contract with COSCO." > >Fact 7. The US State Dept. Human Rights Report issued in January 1997 states that China wiped out >public dissent against the communist regime last year through torture, mistreatment of prisoners, forced >confessions and other classic abuses of power (executions) by the Chinese Government, CNN/Jan 30, >Steve Hurst. > >Fact 8. The use of automatic AK47s by street gangs is on the rise. The latest incident occurred in >Los Angeles when a Bosnian Serb and his associate died after wounding 9 police officers , 16 civilians >and 1 dog with fully automatic AK47s. The police had to borrow semi-automatic weapons from a gun >shop to prevail in that fire fight against the AK47s. Los Angeles Times, March 1997. > >Fact 9: The Chinese Government is one of the worlds leading sellers of Weapons Three officials >with Poly Technologies, a Chinese Communist Weapons Company, were charged with selling and >shipping 2000 automaticAK47s to the underworld by the FBI, in May, 1996 in Miami. CNN Dec 20th >1996. > >Fact 10. Poly Technologies: Poly Technologies Group is the top arms exporting firm for the Chinese >Peoples Liberation Army. The Chairman of Poly Technologies is a Chinese Communist National named >Wan Jun. Wan Jun attended a reception at the White House on Feb 6, 1996 (after meeting with Ron >Brown on the same day). At that time he is alleged to have given two manila envelopes containing >$639,000 to Clinton's defense fund. After Fact 9. occurred three months later, Clinton's Lawyers >announced that donations of $600,000 did not meet the guidelines and would return the money. Wan Jun >has brokered China's largest arm deals including that $1 billion dollar deal selling Chinese arms >(including international ballistic missiles) to Saudi Arabia. Wan Jun's sponsor to attend the reception >was a man named "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie (who also arranged his visa and his white house pass. >CNN/All Politics, Dec 18, 1996, US Veteran Dispatch > >Fact 11. New - Smuggled Guns Linked to Long Beach: San Diego Union Tribune, 3/14/97. >Two cargo shipping containers holding thousands of grenade launchers and M-2 carbines. The largest >source for M-2s outside the US military is Viet Nam (We left a few in the depots there.) The containers >were labeled "strap hangers" and "hand tools". Discovered by accident, they had already been shipped >from Long Beach to a warehouse in Otay Mesa waiting for transhipment. Customs state that only 1 cargo >shipping container in 80 is inspected. > >Fact 12. "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie: Charlie is an acknowledged close personal "friend" of Bill Clinton >and is a member of the DNC's National Finance Board, a group composed of those who have raised or >donated at least $350,000 to the DNC. Trie once ran Clinton's favorite chinese cafe in Little Rock and >is alleged to have connections with the Worthen Bank of Little Rock. Charlie is also linked to that >controversial Buddhist Church fund raiser. Charlie is now an international business man who spends >much of his time in Communist China. One of Charlie's companies, San Kin Yip International (SKY), >exports advanced technology and factory building tools and imports alleged Chinese prison and military >manufactured textiles and rugs. His Little Rock firm, Daihatsu International Trading, represents 30 >companies from US, China and Hong Kong. Charlie is presently abroad and has instructed his attorney >to refuse all summons. CNN/All Politics, Dec 18, 1996., AmSpec, March 1997. > >Fact 13. Johnny Chung : Johnny Chung is a long time "associate" with access to Bill Clinton. He acted >as the donor of $366,000 which was later returned by the DNC. He brought 6 chinese visitors to see >President Clinton and they got to listen to one of Clinton's radio broadcasts. CNN. AP points out that one >of those visitors was an official of COSCO. Chung was also got an invitation for a different chinese arms >dealer (also implicated in Miami) to have "a cup of coffee with the President". AP and CNN All Politics. > >Fact 14. The Chinese Communist Connection with the Riady Lippo Group: The Worthen Bank of >Little Rock (now Boatmans Bank of Little Rock) was purchased in 1984 by Mochtar Riady, the head of >an Indonesian Corporation called the Lippo Group. Riady then gained control of the Hong Kong Chinese >Bank (HKCB). In mid Nov 1992, the China Resources Holding Company (a company owned and >controlled by the Chinese Communist Peoples Liberation Army) which had held 15% of the HKCB, >bought 35% more of HKCB stock. It is alleged that the China Resources Holding Company is a front >for Chinese Communist Military Intelligence. This was reported in the US Veteran Dispatch and The >London Sunday Times. In 1992, the Worthen Bank made a loan of $3 million plus to Clinton's cash >strapped campaign. (I haven't been able to find out wheither this loan was ever repayed.) The Lippo >Group has many "business" partnerships with Communist China and does billions of dollars each year >with China and Viet Nam. The homepage of the Lippo Group lists the Bankers Trust Company (USA) >and Stephens Inc (USA) along with several Japanese Banks as joint venture partners. > >Riady's main bank in the United States is the Bank Central Asia where he does business in New York and >Los Angeles. Lippo bought Southern California's Bank of Trade and renamed it the Lippobank. The >Hong Kong Chinese Bank of PLA fame was into partnership with First Union Bank of North Carolina. >(Note: Disney Productions recently learned that you do business with China "China's Way" or you don't >do business with China. To their credit, Disney canceled the proposed Theme Park in China and went >ahead with its film on Tibet.) > >Fact 15. What the Lippo Group Got for Itself and Indonesia Moctar Riady is one of the principle >financial advisors to the Suharto family which controls Indonesia. Clinton appointed Maria Luisa Haley >as President of the taxpayer financed Import-Export Bank. Haley is the ex-wife of John Haley >co-defendent of former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker in a case involving a cable TV franchaise in >Jakarta, Indonesia. Jim Giroir, former head of Rose Law firm, is reputed to have set this deal set up. > >James Riady (Moctar's son) has received a $900 million letter of credit from the Import-Export Bank for >a Lippo project. It is unclear wheither this is for the Chinese Power Plant or there is another billion dollar >project in the works that James is discussing with the Import-Export Bank.(Ppower plant in Northern >China by Lippo.) The named construction firm is Entergy Group out of Little Rock. > >Giroir still represents Lippo and has brokered ventures between Tyson Foods to improve the sale of Tyson >Chickens in the far east. The Clinton Administration is providing $21million to build a huge airport >Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in unpopulated Northern Arkansas for Tyson/Lippo to ship >chickens and Walmart to import Communist Chinese Goods. Tyson Foods and Walmart have been big >contributers to the DNC and Clinton. > >Indonesia invaded and conquered East Timor, an independent island nation with a democratic >government that was never a part of Indonesia. Over 200,000 people were killed. In February of 1994, >US Trade Representative Mickey Kantor suspended a review of Indonesian human rights violations in >East Timor. This allowed Indonesia to keep its trade privileges with the US ~ $ 600 million a year. >Clinton has also approved sales of F-16 fighters to Indonesia. > >Fact 16.. The Lippo Group and Campaign Contributions: People associated with the Riady Lippo >Group poured money like water into the Clinton Campaign. (A $250,000 "retainer" from Lippo was >given to Web Hubbell after he resigned his position as US Assistant Attorney General.) The DNC has >announced it will return over $3 million in questionable contributions - most of it associated with the >Lippo Group. That is, of course, when it raises the money to do it. John Huang has been one of the >principle money funnels for the Lippo Group. > >Fact 17. John Huang: The center of interest in this campaign finance/spy scandal is John Huang. >Huang was born in mainland China. In 1984, John Huang was an employee of the Hong Kong Chinese >Bank and later did a stint at the Worthen Bank of Little Rock. He once headed the "Lippo Group, West >Coast" headquarters. He is another "long time friend" of Bill and Hilary Clinton and has provided major >financial support for Clinton in both presidential campaigns. Huang was appointed Deputy Assistant >Secretary for Trade in July 1994 during Ron Brown's tenure. He was "exempted" from a FBI security >investigation (required by law for all foreign born nationals in that position) and granted a "Top Secret >Security Clearance" without an investigation.. He was allowed to keep that "Top Secret Security >Clearance" for a year after he left the commerce dept. ??? Phone records show he was in constant contact >with the Riady Lippo Group during his time at the commerce dept office. Records also show that he was >a frequent visitor to the White House where he was a key advisor to Clinton on matters related to >Indonesia and influenced Clinton on matters relating to China and Viet Nam. Huang worked closely with >a man called Ira Magaziner who has been cited as the principle architect of Clinton's ProChina Policy. >(The American Spectator Online) Huang is alleged to be under intense investigation by the FBI and has >taken the Fifth. CNN/All Politics > >Fact 18. John Huang's California Political Contributions: Garry South, Chief of Staff for >California's Lt. Governor Gray Davis is reported to have said "I doubt that you'll find a major >Democratic figure in California who doesn't have a contribution from John Huang."In 1988, Huang gave >Gray Davis $5000 and Lippo Bank owner Jame Riady (son of Moctar) spent $5,099 hosting a Davis fund >raiser. Elected California officials who are known to have received money from Huang are: Senator >Diane Finestein $4,000, Lt. Governor Gray Davis $16,750, Kathleen Brown $18,500, David Roberti >13,300, former Sectretary of State March Fong Eu $4000, former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy. $4,000, >State Treasurer Matt Fong $10,000 and the Democratic Party State Central Committee $10,000. > >Senator Feinstein is returning $12,000 that she received in 1994 from Lippo employees and their wives. >Senator Barbara Boxer is known to have received contributions from Haung also. John Huang and his >wife are known to have contributed at least $57,000 to California State candidates in the last 10 years. >In 1992, David Roberti, then pro temp of the State Senate, appointed Huang to California's World Trade >Council. California Election contributions are open to all to investigate. Political Report, Reform Party, >3/12/97. > >Fact 19. The "Old Man": Even more interesting than John Huang is Dr. Chiao Jen Wang, President >and Chairman of the International Corporation of America. Dr. Wang retired from his position as director >of the Office of Advanced Engineering at the Defense Advanced Research Development Agency >(DARPA) in 1972. Dr. Wang then went into business for himself "selling US high technology to China". >It was Dr. Wang who brokered the McDonnell-Douglas deal with communist China to teach the chinese >how to build airplanes. Dr. Wang has been so sucessfull selling US high technology that he is ranked as >one of the largest contributors to the DNC. Since 1992, Wang has given almost $400,000 to the DNC >and Clinton. At Dr. Wang's suggestion, he was appointed to the 25 member "President's Export >Council." All of whom are big contributors to the DNC and most of whom, do extensive business with >Communist China. AmSpect 3/97 > >Fact 20. Another interesting figure is Lim Goh Tong a Malaysian Chinese gambling tycoon. Lim put >up $55 million seed money for Connecticuts Mashantucket Pequot tribe Foxwood Casino when nobody >would touch it. The Foxwood Management Co gave around $400,000 in 1993-1994 to the DNC.. >AmSpect 12/96. > >Fact 21. The White House Connection: President Clinton twice met with Long Beach Officials to >push forward the Chinese Communists leasing of Long Beach Naval Base. Once in Washington in 1995, >and the second time in Long Beach in 1996. In the White House meeting, Clinton shook hands and told >his subordinates to do what they could do to assist in the leasing of Long Beach Naval Base to the >Communist Chinese,. Present at this meeting, among others was Carmen Perez, vice president of the Long >Beach Harbor Association and a former vice president of the DNC. This deal has been approved by the >Navy and the number 2 Pentagon Official. (It is unknown what role General Haig played in the Pentagon >approval). This deal went forward without a national security review as is normal. Our top security >agencies were not consulted about Long Beach Naval Base being leased by the Chinese >Communists! Associated Press March 8, 1997. > >Fact 22. London Sunday Times: On November 10, 1996, the London Sunday Times reported that >Clinton's fund raising scandal "appears to have been a stunning intelligence coup by China" Chinese >agents were able to "take advantage of lax security procedures and a pattern of corruption in the >Clinton administration" to gain "advance knowledge of America's negotiating positions in trade and >economic talks as well as access trade deals subsidized by America." This report by the London >Sunday Times was echoed by the US Veteran Dispatch in their Jan-Feb 1997 edition. > >Fact 23: William Safire: The New York Times Columnist William Safire on Jan 2, 1997 warned " You >don't have to be a conspiracy nut to recognize that China needs not only to learn trade secrets, but also >to discover - perhaps even influence - US government trade policy and negotiating positions that directly >effect the $35 billion balance of trade surplus essential to the growth of China's military and economic >power." > >The Mayor of Long Beach, Mrs O'Neill, made the statement "trade with Communist China is not my >responsibility. It is the responsibility of the government." How different is this position to that little man, >a boy really, who stepped in front a tank at Tiananmen Square. That act was the highest expression of >the human spirit. The Mayor's support of the Chinese Communist's leasing of Long Beach Naval Base >is simply a disgrace. > >This is all on the internet. If I and a few of my friends can find the above facts, partime on the internet, >what can you find? There is a lot more that is not mentioned. Most of it from only one source and some >of those sources were questionable. "Treason at Long Beach" is just the tip of the iceberg. Below are a >few Urls to get you started. > > > >URLs > >1. The American Spectator Online >2. The US Veteran Dispatch Online >3. China Ocean Shipping Company >

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