Photos Courtesy of The Nevada Historical Society.

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    Margie Shaw, one of the best bead decorators in the Washoe Paiutes, with her bay daughter, displays her fine art work, in Wadsworth, circa 1905.

    Jack Dalton, and his wife, Mary, Paiutes from Stillwater, near Fallon, pose wih their children in front of their large cat-tail reed house, circe 1907.

    Josephine Knight Carson, (right), daughters, Geraldine & Wilma, (right & left, center), and Josephine Long, (left), pose with their pet deer in Ruby Valley circa 1930.

A Paiute ice-cutting crew shows the tools of their trade at the Divide Reservoir near Viginia City, circa 1880. Ice was obtained this way from 1873 until mechanical refrigeration was invented.

Washoe Paiute basket-maker, Dat-So-La-Lee, poses with her husband, Charley Keyser, two young women, and her finely-woven decorative baskets.

In the early 1900's, Abe Cahn's Carson City Emporium displayed Dat-So-La- Lee's wares and his patronage and sponsorship made her work famous. Today, through Mr. & Mrs. Cahn's efforts, Dat-So-La-Lee's work is the most highly prized basket in the world.

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