Theodore Ralph Pedemonti, Sui Juris

     CONNECTICUT STATE/REPUBLIC	) Subscribed, Sworn and Sealed

     Dated on this the ______ day of the ______ month in the year of
     our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety
     Seven.  Theodore Ralph Pedemonti - 18 Hartford Ave. Enfield,
     Connecticut Republic united States of America.

     This Affidavit shall be construed to comply with provisions
     necessary to establish presumed fact should interested parties
     fail to rebut any given affirmation or matter of law addressed
     herein. (Rule 201(d), 301,  and 302 Federal Rules of Evidence and
     attending state rules) This affidavit shall be construed as
     adequate to meet judicial requirements of judicial notice, thus
     preserving fundamental law.

	   An Affidavit must be rebutted point for point.
	   An unrebutted Affidavit stands as the truth.
	   Truth stands supreme.

     DISCLAIMER: I do not challenge the authority of any legitimate
     government or agents thereof.

	 This Affidavit is divided into four (4) Sections:
		      I  Federal Jurisdiction
		     II  Constructive Fraud
		    III  Fundamental Law
		     IV  Recission & Status

     This affidavit is executed pursuant to Public Law 97-280 (see
     Section III). It updates, revises and amends all previous public
     notice recissions and disclaimers, including the last Public
     Notice Recission Affidavit dated February, 1995.  This Affidavit
     is executed out of necessity due to constructive fraud (see
     Section II) according to the principles set forth in the following
     U.S. Supreme Court case:

     "Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents and even
     judgments" U.S. v Throckmorton, 98 US 426

     Note: This and all other judicial decisions cited herein are not
     cited as authority but to express the upholding of the authority
     of the principles of law expounded therein.

     The "constructive fraud" referred to herein has been fully
     researched, documented, verified and confirmed by a national
     network of independent legal researchers consisting of doctors,
     lawyers, accountants, law enforcement personnel, systems analysts,
     and numerous others of professional and other callings. This
     Affiant is prepared to supply voluminous research documentation to
     support any affirmation made herein.

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