The Dollar vs Prime Rate--(Interest) & vs Discount Rate.

The 1929 dollar bought one half of what it bought in 1860. The 1860 Dollar was equal to two 1929 Dollars.
On the Chart below, the 1929 dollar has a value of 2.00--two 1860 dollars were needed, in 1929, to buy what one dollar had bought in 1860.

The Red line is the dollar's purchasing power in 1929 through 1990's. The Green is the Prime Rate; the Blue is DA' BANK'S Discount Rate to Commercial Banks.
What two 1929 dollars bought, it now takes over $15.00 to buy.
Remember this was in PROSPEROUS TIMES, right before the Great Depression caused by the Central Bank--THE FED.

A short extract from

"Lightning Over The Treasury Building",
Click Here. by John R. Elsom. First published in 1941.

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