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Historical Background on the Federal Reserve System -
The Fourth Central Bank in U.S. History !

How it was made legal tho' STILL UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!

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How the Banksters avoid the Fractional Reserve Requirements.
Excerpt from the Economic Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas.

Latest Effort to Make
the Federal Reserve Accountable to Congress


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The Political History of the Federal Reserve System

The U.S. Central Banks' Time-Line

The Historical Effects of Central "Banksters," an outline with References.

The Prophecy

The Clairvoyant Message of Thomas Jefferson, regarding a U.S. Central Bank.

Coinage Act of 1792

Contributed by Dave Hayes
Posted from:

Central Bankster's Threats in 1792

Contributed by: Orrico)
"Sounds like Our Own Media", G.O.
Research source:
Constitutional Attorney, Mr. Larry Becraft, Esq.
209 Lincoln Street,
Huntsville, Alabama 3580l

Why Balancing the Budget is The BIG LIE."Billions for Bankers..." by Reverend Sheldon Emry.
Contributed by Dave Hayes
Posted by: (Ted Pedemonti)

Historical Timeline of Depressions
Caused by National Debt Reduction

Compiled by Professor Frederick Thayer
of George Washington University is the author of the book, on the Fed, called,
"On the Horns of the Beast: the Federal Reserve and the New World Order."
Has just put out a video version entitled, "Capital Crimes: How the Federal Reserve Robs Us Blind."

Bildeberger Update Report

Excellent History of the Federal Reserve Bank

The Index of the UWSA Debate on the Federal Reserve System
A Glossary of Economic Terms;The Effect of Interest Rate Changes; A Layman's View on Inflation

Read the UWSA National Task Force's Federal Reserve Report

An Alternative Solution.
Contributed by: James Shannon

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