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Idle Thoughts On The Road To Understanding

by Charley Reese

Here are a few random thoughts that might help you to figure out the world

in which we are currently living:

The U.S. dollar is backed up by nothing and is convertible to nothing. It is

a medium of exchange, and compared with the Euro, the currency of the

European Union, it has lost 30 percent of its value since 2001. This is bad

news for those of us whose investments, savings and life insurance are

denominated in dollars. These dollars are exchangeable for less and less in

goods and services. If the value of the dollar completely collapses, we will

all be ruined.

The American citizen has no control over the purchasing power of the

currency. That is in the hands of the U.S. government and the Federal

Reserve. The Federal Reserve banks, by the way, are not government. They are

privately owned central banks, owned by commercial banks. They serve the

banks, not the people.

Cash is not wealth. Remember, money is a medium of exchange, and how much we

can exchange it for is out of our control. True wealth consists of assets

land, buildings, tools, vehicles, knowledge, skills, etc. unmortguaged, of

course. Anything you owe money on is not really yours, no matter what some

shyster tells you.

There are 30,000 to 40,000 lobbyists and representatives of special-interest

groups in Washington, compared with 435 members of the House, 100 senators,

one president and one vice president. Ever wonder why it's so hard for your

voice to be heard?

For every intelligent, educated voter, there are probably 1,000 or more

functional illiterates, apathetic people and ignoramuses. By enfranchising

the functional illiterate, the apathetic and the ignorant, politicians are

in effect disenfranchising the intelligent and educated. Most Americans

haven't figured that out yet, but it explains election results.

How is it that under a supposedly liberal Democratic president, we went from

federal deficits to federal surpluses, and under a supposedly conservative

Republican president, we have gone from federal surpluses to record federal

deficits in two years?

The words "conservative" and "liberal" have become largely meaningless. We

have two major political parties, and each party has two wings. The

Republican Party has a Rockefeller wing, which is liberal Republican, up

East, old money; and an opportunist wing, which is largely located in the

South and West. The Democratic Party has a socialist wing and a smaller

opportunist wing.

Since it now requires hundreds of millions of dollars to win a presidential

race, both parties cater to big business and to the super-rich. As the old

bank robber used to say, "That's where the money is." Neither party

adequately represents the working men and women of America, and both major

parties go to great lengths to make sure no third party will ever get the

chance to challenge their dominance.

The real question is not whether we are conservative or liberal, but whether

we favor a small government with defined and limited powers or a large

government with unlimited power. Whether they call themselves

"conservatives" or "liberals," a majority in both parties favors a large

government with unlimited powers. The correct term for such people is, in my

opinion, "Jacobins." The name derives from the radical democrats of the

French Revolution. Today's presidential candidates debate details of the

same policies rather than principles or different policies. We have, in

effect, one-party rule. "Republican" or "Democrat" is a mere label for

factions of the Jacobins. Both are going to give you big government with

unrestrained power domestically and imperialism as a foreign policy. They

differ only on the details, the competence of their administrators and the

people to whom they owe patronage.

I don't foresee much improvement until more Americans learn that being a

patriot means more than being willing to kill a foreigner.


2003 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.