The U.S. Monetary System is

Read Wealth & Democracy by Kevin Phillips for details,
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IN THIS Chart, you can mark the flow of YOUR MONEY when you use credit.

by the Money-Ethics Economic RoundTable.

The Banksters run the Federal Reserve to their own self-interest. They have a monopolists' control on what you pay to borrow money. The profits, your interest payments, go into their banks' coffers with no accountability to the People or to Congress.
They pay no income taxes, as credit card losses are writeoffs, subsidized by taxpayers.
That's why you get so many credit card apps in the mail. Bad credit losses just come off their taxes.

We are starting a People's Movement to Nationalize the Federal Reserve System, which is no more "federal" than Federal Express.

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All money is created by banks as loans.

The proceeds of loans are spent in pursuit of some commercial venture, or for purchases by individuals.

Some of this created money remains in circulation to be used as a medium of exchange. Some of it is sucked out of circulation and placed into longer term assets. This portion of the money stock is being used as a store of value by those who are receiving an income stream in excess of that which is necessary for living expenses.

For all practical purposes this portion of the money stock is owned by the extremely wealthy. Kevin Phillips, in his book "Wealth and Democracy" documents the transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy.

The data shown--(Click here) in the accompanying graphs, taken from Federal Reserve published data shows how this transfer of wealth has accelerated in recent years.

M3-M1 is money that originated as M1 and has been sucked out of circulation by the wealthy.

If M1 increases from one month to the next, that increase is the net increase, after the wealthy have sucked out their monthly take.


Using statistical data from the Federal Reserve System, I calculate that total consumer debt--revolving and nonrevolving, but not including mortgages-- grew at a rate of about $308 Million/year from 1943 to 1981 and $1.849 Billion/year from 1981-2000, and from 2000 to 2002 it grew at a rate of $122.36 Billion/year from 2000 to 2002.

I believe these figures represent mostly credit card debt that does not involve bank loans and deposit expansion.

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