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From the periodical "l'Informazione del Collezionista" - n.16 -Giugno-Agosto - 2000

Augusto Ferrara

The truth that burns

In the silent heat of the after Ferragosto festivities of this Jubilee year, the title may give way to various interpretations: the heat consequently the summer dog-days, pyromaniacs in the woods, the daily dramas of young adults on the roads that ruin the most intense and long holiday period of the year.

Nothing of the such it regards a monetary revolution which begins in mid July 2000 from the town of Guardiagrele in the province of Chieti, one of the must interesting cities of the Abruzzi region, with its 10,000 inhabitants, rich of history, art and craftsmanship, which extends at the feet of a hill of the Maiella mountains site of the famous National Park.

The central square is dominated by the most important city monument the Dome of St. Maria Maggiore, and delimited by the ancient building of the famous Auriti family, represented today by the 70 year old professor Giacinto, who, defines himself as a "farmer" who has taught as many as four university courses in Jurisprudence and author of many scientific publications of social and law matter. President of the local Antitrust Committee, Prof. Auriti has been in 1993 promotor of the law proposal "In order to subdivide among the citizens the monetary income of the capital administered by the state, in effect according to the second paragraph of the law article 42 of the Constitution.

As Secretary of the Labor Union Anti-usury Committee, Auriti, on March 8th, 1993, denounces for swindle, false balance, criminal gangs and usury the then General Governor of the Bank of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and, later Fazio.

Today, Friday August 18th, 11:00 A.M., we are enjoying the hospitality of Prof. Auriti, on the first floor of the omonimous building, so rich of memories and testimonial of many generations. He reminds us of a historical episode when, in 1857, his grandfather gave up his seat in Parliament during the Reign of Italy to the then famous Poet Gabriele D'Annunzio of Pescara.

Prof. Auriti, inventor of the "bank-note of the people", shows pages of newspapers of various languages on the meaning of "induced value" and on the recent monetary experience of the Simec at the moment suspended for the blitz, on behalf of the Magistracy, in front of which he is "sub iudice" (August 28th 2000).

The interest on behalf of the English, American, Swiss, and Japanese press was demonstrated by the correspondents of the most important news agencies, who were on the waiting list, and since it took various hours of laborious interviews, the professor is seriously taking into consideration, the idea to quantify each appointment in Italian lire, and not in Simec.

With the purpose to spread the truth on the ultimate possibility of defense of Italy and the other countries involved with the imminent sentenced circulation of the Euro, Don Giacinto (lovingly called by his fellow-citizens), has already opened a web site on the Internet; everyone will understand the basic difference between a banknote and a Simec: the first is charged to the bearer, while the Simec is credited to the citizen.

Before leaving our authoritative interlocutor we asked him two questions:

Brief history of the modern bank-notes
suggested by Prof. Giacinto Auriti

Brief history of Simec
Guardiagrele Anno 2000

The numismatic demand on behalf of collectors, from various parts of Italy and abroad, grows under everyone's eyes.

After the festivities of August 15 of Guardiagrele -

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