Modern Virginia City Scenes

The Silver King of Nevada--Virginia City

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St. Mary's Cathedral, Virginia City, NV

The ornate interior, and liberal use of gold trim, speaks volumes of the wealth dug from the ground by parishioners.
(The "Boss" is standing at the steps, ready to visit this historic monument to the devotion of death-defying,( sometimes ), miners

Piper's Opera House, Virginia City, NV

Famous artists who performed here for the residents, were Lotta Crabtree, Lily Langtry, and Edwin Booth. Mark Twain was a frequent patron.

Near Virginia City, Fort Churchill, Churchill County, NV.

This Army Fort was the frontier defense garrison for treasure-seekers using the Emigrant Trail to Virginia City, and on to California, in the 1850's. It is a National Monument and has very, interesting relics and a fine, old Army Post Cemetery.

The Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, NV.

This famous saloon is open for business every day. It's on main street with the remaining few, of what were, once, over 68 saloons and bawdy houses.

The Brass Rail Saloon, Virginia City, NV.

More people visit Virginia City, than any, other, "reborn" ghost town, in the West.

Virginia City has its own Web Page,( See Link Below.)

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