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Famous Gunfighters of the Old West
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From Left: Elisha Green, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody,Texas Jack Omohundro, & Eugene Overton.

James Butler, "Wild Bill", Hickok

Wild Bill, "Dressed to Kill.", with two Navy Colts, his famed handles-forward rig with Bowie Knife, Mendota, IL, 1869.

Left to Right--
Wild Bill, Texas Jack Omohundro, & Buffalo Bill Cody, New York, 1873.

"A Call by Wild Bill", 1916, oil on canvas, N.C. Wyeth, (1882-1945).

Wild Bill Hickok immediately before his death.

James Butler, Wild Bill Hickok, (Bill's last name is spelled two ways on these grave sites.)was first buried here on Deadwood's Boot Hill, August 3, 1876.
Exactly three years later, he was moved to the more "proper" Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Click Here for pictures of His grave and of Deadwood, South Dakota, as it is today.

Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado
John "Doc" Holliday is buried here.

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