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Roy Barcroft.

        l to r - Lane Bradford, Roy Barcroft, John L. Cason ------------------------------------------------->
Lane Bradford was featured in 136 film roles. His last was Sam the Bartender in the Gunsmoke series.
John L. Cason played in 125 film roles and was stunt double for many lead actors in dozens of films and TV shows.

& Famous Actors
Dedicated to Roy Barcroft -
who was featured in more westerns than any other actor, in any time-frame.

Barcroft was featured in 358 productions, plus many TV roles.
Bob Steele, over a span of 60 years, starred, and/or, was featured, in 201 productions.

Click the graphics to enlarge them.     Bob Steele, in his prime.

Glenn Strange, featured actor in 246 films.
In the TV Series, GUNSMOKE, Glenn was the bartender,
in Miss Kitty's Saloon, the entire series.

Jack Palance, Lead Actor, sin compare, in more than 40 films.

           Ben Johnson, featured, char-actor, par excellence, in more than 50 westerns

Mickey Rourke, in "The Last Outlaw" by HBO, for television.

Boots Sutherland, in the center, in the "Fight Before Christmas"

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone......
.........Long Time Passing......?

The Cast for the televison series, The Magnificent Seven.

The actor, Brad Dexter, one of the "Magnificent Seven," was born in Goldfield, Nevada, in 1917.
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