Supreme Court upholds supremacy of Federal Reserve, giving them immunity to lawsuits

by WebToday staff writers, October 5, 1998

The U. S. Supreme Court today allowed a lower court ruling to stand that grants supremacy to the Federal Reserve Bank. The ruling engrafts the Fed's "right" to sovereign immunity against any lawsuits.

The "justices" summarily rejected the appeal of the Research Triangle Institute, a research institute in North Carolina, that attempted to collect an additional $284,000 for work it did for the Federal Reserve.

Considerintg the fact that the Fed has never been audited, now they enjoy the status above even Caesars and Emperors. How about that? Absolute immunity.

It's been said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. One can only wonder what further abuses the Fed will inflict upon the world now that they have a clear shot at the end zone "immune" from any blockers or tacklers.

What a scam!

The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and is a private bank dominated by nonAmericans. Where is the moral outrage? Where are our elected "representatives" on this vital issue?

Sometimes we wonder why we even publish such articles when it appears that too few people care, and that those who do are neutered by "high" courts.

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