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Knoxville Branch of the Family named, Moneymaker.
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Compiled over fifty years by Robert B. Moneymaker, son of Bruce McClure Moneymaker, grandson of Joseph Henry Moneymaker, great-grandson of William M. Moneymaker of Knoxville, Tennessee

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Provided by Katherine Mae (Moneymaker) Lively, October, 2003

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Descendants of Luice Moneymaker
Generation No. 1

LUICE2 MONEYMAKERI was born Abt. 1755. Lived in Virginia-Culpepper/Rock Bridge Counties, and died 1812 in Virginia.
(Click Here for Page 1 and for Page 2 of Luice's Last Will and Testament, Sept. 21, 1812.) He married DOLLEY BUMGARDNER Abt. 1775 in Rockbridge County, VA1, daughter of CHRISTIAN BUMGARDNER and MARY GABBERT.

Notes for LUICE MONEYMAKERI (A Bill of Sale with the names, Lewis and Dolley, Page 1 and Page 2:
My Cousin, Berlen Moneymaker, who I visited when hunting quail and visiting in Tennessee, with my uncle, William Mike Moneymaker, in the early 1970's, claimed that the Moneymaker name came from Nonnemaker-Nonnemaker, which means "nunmaker", or gelder, in German.
I always contended that the woman I met, in the 1950's, when I was a part-time bellhop, while in college in San Diego, was right. She was named, Geldmacher, and from Pennsylvania. I have proven that her account was accurate, as you will read below. She had told me she was a distant cousin of the West Virginia Moneymakers, who changed their name because the Hessians were Germans. She said, "Anyone German was having a hard time during the Rebellion."
During the American Revolution, in the German colony in Pennsylvania, many people with German surnames changed there names to the American translation; Schumachers became Shoemaker, Muellers became Millers, and Geldmachers became Moneymakers.
Berlen and I argued about this. Since Berlen had no written, 3rd party records, and neither did I, the result was he added to the Mormon Family Center database, a lot of mis-information. Berlen was interested in his wife joining the Daughters of the American Revolution and the only easily available records where by a Nonnemacher who was in the Continental Army.
My recent research has uncovered a William Moneymaker in the enlistment and discharge rolls of the Continental Army, 6th Pennsylvania, enlistment records, of 1793. He was a three month enlistee and went to the part of Virginia that became Kentucky. I believe the Kentucky Moneymakers are his descendants.
Those records are available in the Pennsylvania Archives for the Continental Army, at the Mormon Family Center in Salt Lake City.
William Moneymaker of West Virginia, my distant cousin, has found church records in Virginia with both the Geldmacher and Moneymaker on the same baptismal record. A PC graphic, below, of a bill of sale that Will Moneymaker found shows that the names were spelled the way they were pronounced.
Luice-(Lewis) Geltmacher--Keltmacher - -Moneymaker; (A bill of sale)Page1<=== Click Here
and Here ===> Page 2.

Census takers often mis-spelled names, as they often talked to people who could not write English. We found a "Cornelius Van Der Belke", later spelled Vanderbilt, in a Pennsylvania tax rolls for 1795, for instance.

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