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The Shameful Story of the Cherokee Holocaust.
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Many Cherokees were as white-looking as any other early settler. The fact is, for over three hundred years, Cherokees in Georgia and Tennessee held the choicest lands. Many Cherokees were owners of large plantations, with many negro slaves. These historical facts, following the wars with the British, in which the Cherokees fought on the colonists side, made all American Indians targets of the newly arriving Euro settlers.
President Andrew Jackson, a Tennessean, could see a political advantage in letting the late-comers take the Cherokees' property. The Cherokees took their case to the Supreme Court. The Court ruled Jackson's actions were unconstitutional. Jackson went ahead anyway, saying, "Justice Marshall made the Ruling, let him enforce it."
This is the first incident in recorded history, where a politician used the people's eagerness to seize others' property, as a tool to annihlate a minority ethnic group that was more prosperous than the majority.
Adolf Hitler, in similar fashion, was to do the same thing, a hundred years later. He bribed the German people, with Jewish property, to create the Jewish Holocaust.

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