Wild West Spectator Events

"Nigthhawk" by Frank Tenney Johnson, - 1874-1939,
Courtesy of Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming.
This picture available from the Old West Art Gallery.

California-Nevada's Wild West Activities Calendar

  • June 2nd & 3 rd - Mule Show & Races, Winnemucca, (775) 623-2220;
  • June 8th thru 10th - Carson City Rendezvous, Civil War Re-enactment, (775) 687-7410;
  • June 16th thru 24th - Reno's World Class Rodeo.

Click Here for Rodeo Pictures & more on Old West Cowboy Life.

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RENO RODEO, June, 1999. Schedule your Nevada ranch "City Slickers" cattle drive that ends at the Reno Arch on the day the Rodeo begins

Photo of Tom Mix <===CLICK HERE.
Photo of John Wayne, as Hondo, CLICK HERE.

Click on the graphic of the Cattle Drive, to make "City Slickers" Vacation arrangements for cattle drives like this !!
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See the Soldier Meadows Ranch Bed & Breakfast Page or the Cottonwoood Guest House Bed & Breakfast Page.

Fallon's All-Indian Rodeo & Stampede, August each year.

Reno's Senior Rodeo, October each year;

(See athletes, in their 50's & 60's do, what youngsters, today, can't..

More Old West Pictures

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