One of the richest mines in California-Nevada

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The National Mine Story
by Nancy B. Schreier

Among Nevada's richest mines, located north of Winnemucca in the Santa Rosa Mountians, The National was discovered by an automobile driving prospector in 1907. It was named after the automobile he was driving.
He was Jesse Workman.
The mine was so rich, employees "highgraded" the mine by loading their pockets at the end of work shift and stealing the best specimens. The amazing productivity of the mine in its rather brief half-dozen years, was from six to fourteen million dollars in precious metals, based on various estimates, and for years was Nevada's leading gold producer.

Nancy Schreier was the grand-daughter of one of the major investors and the book is loaded with interesting sketches and includes 53 photo-illustrations.

Stan Paher, the widest read author of books on Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps, says that it is unquestionably, "the richest gold prospect in Nevada." Gold mines in this area operated up until the late 1960's.

Many present-day gold mines are stretched from Winnemucca to Elko along the gold-bearing "Carlin Trend", which makes Nevada the third largest gold producing region in the world.
The National was the "GRANDDADDY" of all currently operating Nevada Gold Mines.

IMHO, the richness of this mine makes the area the best, in all of Nevada, for gold prospecting with today's new technology.

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