The Old West Gallery of Buffalo Soldier Prints.
The Medal of Honor Winners among the Buffalo Soldiers of the 19th Century Frontier were largely ignored by the Euro-cultured media of the U.S.
This is one small effort to bring this historical short-coming to a resolution.

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The Center Piece, of the graphic to the left, is the book, "Black Valor", by Frank N. Schubert.
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The center piece art-graphic, above, is the D.L Neary work "Edge of the Storm".
Depicted is the Medal of Honor recipient, Sergeant Thomas Shaw, Ninth Cavalry, patrolling America's northern plains, the winter of 1889/90.
(The foregoing information was provided by the Chief Warrant Officer 2, known on AOL as "BlackValor", a current member of the U.S. Army.) 1/29/98
Jan., 30, 1998
My names Is Chief Warrant Officer 2 Russell Gaines of Fort Bragg N.C. I'm on assignment to Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Guard and due to rotate the first week of Feb. 98. This assignment will take me from the U.S. for six months, so a speed reply is request. I will look for the book in the local book stores. Again, your help will be appreciated.

Russell Gaines (BlackValor)

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This Remington shows Lieutenant Powatan Henry Clarke and one of his 10th Cavalry troopers rescue the wounded Corporal Edward Scot, while under fire from Apaches, down in Mexico, on May 3, 1886.

This illustration appeared several months later on the cover of Harper's Weekly.

Clarke received the Medal of Honor for that action.

A few years later, Remington wrote a magazine article, "A Scout with the Buffalo Soldiers."

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