Money and U.S. Banking Debate

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You're Ripped Off, Each Day Your Money is in Da' BANK !!!

(The Federal Reserve Board, has been Privately Owned, for over 80 Years. They are the ONLY, Private Company, in the U.S.
that has NEVER Paid a Tax on their Profits.)

They have corrupted our Officials, for 80 YEARS, so you would never find this out.

What can YOU Do about it?
Come back HERE and Find out, exactly.

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Full Employment has NO CONNECTION to INFLATION !!
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If we collected $2.5 MILLION (dollars), a DAY, it would take over 2 THOUSAND YEARS, to pay back the Total National Debt, which is over 15 TRILLION Dollars !!!!

A summation of what follows, on hyper-linked Web Pages, is:
"Everything you were never told about Central Banks, like the PRIVATELY-OWNED, Federal Reserve System."

Underlined Names and Facts, when clicked, take you to their References. Under-Lined Phrases, there, when clicked, bring you back.

To educate yourself, about the FOREIGN-OWNERSHIP of the Central Bank of the United States, FALSELY CALLED,
The Federal Reserve System,
with a preliminary history of WHY, the three Central Banks that were foisted on this Nation, BEFORE the Central Bank, FRAUDULENTLY-NAMED, "The Federal Reserve System", is critical to your education.

The Introduction, that follows, is launched with a section called,

This section contains historical facts, with sources cited, that are never taught in the Economic Courses, in our Colleges and Universities.

We contend this is due to the control, maintained by the financial Elite, who endow and influence Academia's economic departments, by using Tax Free Foundations and Grants, and by making lucrative job offers to the graduating economists, who perpetuate this gigantic coverup, of the betrayal of our Constitution, which the Congress allowed to begin, in 1913.

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How the Romans of Today think about Money

Bildeberger Update Report

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The Latest Legal Action
in Connecticut.
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A Law Suit against the United States Government
for "Constructive Fraud."

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Added Sources for Proof of What YOU'RE Losing Each day.

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