We’ve Lost The War,

                    The Longest Running WAR since World War 2 !!!


Proof is all around us.  The Media’s Talking Heads all agree that Presidents, Ike, Nixon, and Reagan would not be viable GOP candidates today. 


The Political middle-ground has been moved so far to the Right, and done so gradually since the 1980’s, today’s moderates and independents, and yes, even many conservatives

have become disenfranchised.  Political Control of the United States has been totally usurped by the Shadow Government.  This cabal is made up of financial regulation-killers which have returned control to the same Wall Street Elite that caused the Great Depression.


The proof is in today’s headlines.  Fresh from their Victory, called the Great Recession, Wall Street has avoided all restrictions on their fraudulent manipulations of the Real Estate Market. Wall Street Pirates are now turning their Anti-Main Street chicanery on The Commodity Market.


In this same time frame, 1980 to 2010, the GOP has eliminated many of the FDR Protections for Main Street, on behalf of Wall Street.  They are still trying to eliminate Social Security and Unions.  The Wall Street – Shadow Government control is proven by the fact that the last four administrations had Goldman Sachs Alumni in control of the US Treasury and/or the Federal Reserve.


Starting during the Reagan Years, just like the Clinton-Gramm nullification of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Regulations in the 1990’s, the ground was prepared by Goldman Sachs in 1981, when they entered the commodity trading business. The Goldman Sachs (GS) got a secret regulatory dispensation from 1936 Anti-Speculation Regulations from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 1991. (Read the Matt Taibbi book, GRIFTOPIA, pp.133-1337, Spiegel & Grau, New York, 2010)


Fresh off the last Bubble, the GS Cabal is Now Playing the same Bubble Game in Commodities.


Have you wondered why, when Inflation is mentioned, they talk about “Core Inflation”?


That way the Media excludes categories which Main Street spends most of its income on---Energy and Food. The most powerful Weapon of Class Warfare in the Shadow Government’s playbook is the MEDIA


Case in point, right after Keith Obermann said the taboo words, “Class Warfare” he was eased out by MSNBC’s parent, Comcast, the company that is a real monopoly emulating the Movie Industry, found guilty of Restraint of Trade in 1940’s because the studios owned production through exhibitor channels just like Comcast today.

The Figure 1 chart, below, shows how well the upper classes have done compared to the rest of us:

Charts are from the Plutonomy Report at: http://www.calneva.com/media/index.htm