AIG is not owned by the Taxpayers. The Federal Reserve unlawfully loaned money to AIG. Censored News Items

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The TRUTH about AIG and THE FED.

The Weekend March 15-16 saw multiple lies by various people regarding AIG and the FED.

On Meet the Press and Face the Nation the false statements that "...the Government owns 80% of AIG ..." and that "...the taxpayers own most of AIG..." were made by the commentators and by Thomas Freidman, for one, who I am sure knows better.

In September, the Federal Reserve loaned money to the AIG corporation; on what terms no one knows.
The fact that FED Chairman Bernanke says they took 80% control is a fiction, as the failure to cancel the outrageous "performance" bonuses proves the lie that the Fed got control of AIG.
Why can't Congress see the loan agreement between the FED and AIG?

The facts are:
Regarding AIG, when the Media Talking Heads use the words, "government-owned", be sure to include the word "shadow", as in "Shadow-Government."
The 12 Federal Reserve Banks' owners & their lobbyists are definitely running the U.S. Government.


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